How VA Vocational Rehabilitation Professionals Help Veterans

The Association of VA Vocational Rehabilitation Professionals (AVAVRP) helps veterans by serving as the center piece of a measuring scale to aid a balance between Veterans’ talents, and the VA vocational systems and processes. The Association creates this balance for Veterans and their eligible beneficiaries by 1) aligning teams and stakeholders to help Veterans gain optimum results, and 2) putting in place processes that generate results to optimize Veterans' vocational benefits.

The Vocational Rehabilitation professionals help Veterans and their families who are seeking ways in connecting their talents with the vocational processes or systems to succeed. The AVAVRP ensures that this relationship in support of Veterans and eligible beneficiaries are optimized by directing them to local connections via specialized website and newsletters; providing directions to those desiring VA Vocational Rehabilitation; Veterans seeking assistance regarding VA field placements and educational resources; and by providing a better understanding of the VA bureaucracy(systems/processes) relevant to vocational rehabilitation practices.
The AVAVRP also collaborates with established Vocational Rehabilitation organizations, and other organizations relevant to Vocational Rehabilitation practices in health care and mental health, so as to optimize vocational successes for Veterans and their eligible beneficiaries.

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