CACREP 2023 standards review survey

20 Feb 2020 9:19 AM | Marny Howell (Administrator)

From the CRCC

Dear Colleagues:

The CACREP Standards Revision Committee (SRC) is exploring many angles as they begin to prepare the 2023 CACREP Standards. These are the standards that will carry the profession through the year 2031.

Now more than ever, we need to hear your voice. The CRCC leadership team urges you to complete this survey.


Please forward this link to anybody you know in our rehabilitation counseling communities who has an opinion on how the current CACREP standards impact our Rehabilitation Counseling degree programs:


CACREP 2023 standards review SURVEY:


The survey closes February 21, 2020


The current CACREP 2016 standards do not align with the CRCC Role & Function Study and the CRC exam standards.


Additional issues include:

  • The term "disability" does not appear anywhere in the 8 core curriculum standards.
  • Many current and potential faculty with extensive experience both in teaching and with professional experience in the field of vocational rehabilitation do not currently meet the CACREP faculty standards that require a degree specifically in Counselor Education unless the individual already has been working in a full time faculty position at least one year before July, 2013. (see page 7 of the standards).
  • The student to faculty ratio required by CACREP also presents issues in existing rehabilitation counseling programs that employ many adjunct instructors to meet the extensive needs of educational programs and students both in our local and international communities.

Here is a link to the current standards:  

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